Coed Coed Varsity Golf Golf · Desert Christian History Made in golf loss to Linfield Christian

238 Linfield Christian School
267 Desert Christian Academy
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Linfield Christian School vs Desert Christian Academy
238 267

Although the score was not in favor of the Desert Christian Academy COED varsity team as the team lost 238 to 267 in Wednesday match, history seemed to be. For the first time in Desert Christian Academy school history, which spans 42 years, the school had the very first hole in one on any course.

The schools first hole in one happened by the schools very own Senior Timmy Nixon. On the first par 3 of the course, Timmy went up like he had done thousands of times throughout his high school career.

The par three on this course is a tad odd, to say the least, the hole has two huge bunkers where your ball can be lost very quickly. Along with the bunkers you must also deal with a very steep slope on the green that can make any putter question how to putt.

Timmy lined up his shot and stuck the ball like he had done thousands of times before this very moment. He saw that the ball went in the general direction of the green but was unsure of where his ball landed. As he began to walk over towards the green, and started to joke about getting a hole in one with his teammate Blake about the possibility of getting a hole in one.

There were some Linfield Christian spectators at the hole who knew that the ball had gone in the hole, but they stood quiet as to let Timmy discover this on his own.

As he walked up to hole, looked to where his balled landed and could not find the ball. At that moment he realized what had happened. His face became priceless, and the Linfield Christian Coach was there to confirm the feat happened along with the spectators. When Timmy looked applauded him and congratulated him on the accomplishment along with his coach and teammates.

The next match for the golf team will be Monday March 11th at Ontario Christian. Keep making history Conquerors!